Are you ready to hack the world?

The power of HACKING

Cyber Attack gives opportunity to take the control of your own, global team of hackers. Intercept corporations, governments, and criminals all over the world.
At this game, you can be a protector of humanity by taking over private messages of dangerous people or try to get rich by helping corporations.
This is only your decision!


Cyber Attack is a strategy game with economic elements.
You have the ability to hack different kinds of devices in over 7000 cities but be careful! Every decision has own consequences! Attacks on corporations will bring a lot of money but your group will be more recognizable and easier to track.


Corrupted politicians can hire other hidden organizations
to hack and destroy your group! Boss of hackers cannot sleep well when criminals want to find him! In Cyber Attack your fame could be dangerous so you have to act carefully.

Who knows what the next day
will bring? Money or shame?

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